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Vikings In Vogue: Beautiful Blueberry Farm Wedding

WOAH. This wedding was something else. Kim told me about the Viking theme beforehand and I was unsure of what to envision. They blew me away and I believe they did the same for their guests. It took me a few days to find the right song for this edit, but once I found it… it all started coming together. This is one of my favorite wedding videos I’ve ever had the pleasure to craft together. Thank you, Kim and David! I hope you cherish this video and reflect back on it over the course of your marriage. Thank you again for including me into the mix and I wish you two all the best!

This was another solo mission. The drone footage was taken from my DJI Mavic Pro and the rest was filmed on one GH5 Lumix.

Cheers to all the other vendors! I hope to work with you all again in the future.

Enjoy! 😊

- Pete

Here are the people that made it happen!

Laura Reynolds Artistry - Makeup Services

Gorgeous by Kelly - Hair Services

Danae Stephens Winship Photography

Melanie Paige Events - Planner

DJ Shane Entertainment DJ's -

Two Chick and a Pot - Catering

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