fisherman. Storyteller. Filmmaker

Hey there, and welcome to my portfolio! I hope you enjoy watching some of my latest weddings; but, if you continue reading instead, these next few chunks of words are intended to shed some light into who I am as a person and a filmmaker. To be clear, chunks of words can also be known as “paragraphs”. Paragraphs typically consist of five sentences and they are extremely difficult to write if they are about one’s self. 


It's a long story, but fishing led me through my journey in photography and filmmaking. Never had I ever intended to make a profession out of filming weddings. I was a professional fishing guide from age 20-25, this gave me a lot of freedom in the evenings. I was fortunate to have grown up working in the hospitality industry and having a mother as a wedding planner. I had crashed a few weddings with a first-generation GoPro and started playing around with edits. I sent them to the couples as a free gift from the vendors and to my surprise... the brides were stoked. They also were happy to get some clarification on what that dude with the Gopro was doing. They liked the little highlight films so much they had shared them on their social media accounts. If I remember correctly, I started selling GoPro highlight videos regularly for around $200-300 bucks. 


Here we are now. From fishing charters to weddings and from GoPros to GH5s. My love for filming weddings has been a natural progression and a labor of love. My couples give me full creative control and I am super grateful for that. I love creating and finding new ways to tell the story that reflects the unique love and chemistry in the air. Like weddings, my films are intended to bring people together and showcase what really matters in this world.


If I’m not filming your wedding, you can find me on or under the water, writing weird music, or eating a giant bowl of Pho.

Thanks for visiting!

- Peter Flaherty