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Nice day for a White Wedding | The White Room

Updated: May 3, 2019

April 27, 2019 || Kelly and Michael

I've known Michael and his brothers since we were all little shysters. Way back when Saturdays involved terrorizing skateparks or each other with paintballs. These days are a bit distant from what they once were. This one was particularly special. The vows, the speeches, the vibes... they were all on point! I'll try and add all of the vendor contacts later because this was truly a spectacular wedding.

Kelly and Michael,

I had an absolute ball at the wedding and I loved putting this together. It was hard choosing what clips to use since there were so many gems. I'm sure you'll have fun going through all the raw footage. You two are beautiful and even more so together. Thank you again! I wish you all the best going forward into your marriage!

I hope you two enjoy this for many, many years.


P.S. We're all grown up................ Weeeiirrd

St. Augustine, Florida

Venue: The White Room

This was a solo shoot filmed and edited by yours truly.
The White Room in St. Augustine, Florida

Thank you again for the cool shot, Bethany!

Bethany Walter Photographer, Bethany Walter Photography

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