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True Love and Old Florida Vibes | Erin and Nevin

Such a great group of people and a very inspirational couple!

The parties on the Queen are hard to beat. Harnessing those ole' Florida Chapel vibes and then cruising down the lagoon on a paddlewheel boat was a little bit like time traveling with a DJ.

Erin and Nevin,

From what I can tell, you two have a very bright future. You have such a great group of family, friends, and support surrounding you, it was a pleasure witnessing it all in one place. Thank you for entrusting me to capture the love. It was my honor and I hope you two cherish this little film for years to come. I'll be getting the raw footage to you ASAP. I had fun reliving it, so I know you two will! The speeches were sooooo good!

Thank you again,


This wedding was shot and edited by me, myself, and I with one trusty GH5. Also, check out the queen at and come on down to Florida, now you hear.


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